The Dazzle of Day

Dazzle of Day.jpg
The dazzle of day is a solid, rich, and dense accomplishment, and it reminds us anew what frontiers are really good for in science fiction.
— locus

The Dusty Miller, an enormous ring-shaped biosphere towed by an immense solar sail, is coming to the end of its 175 year voyage in search of a better home. But the new world they’ve arrived at is cold and inhospitable; and the Miller’s people have grown comfortable in their self-contained world, its rural shipboard society based on Quaker principles of governance by consensus. While Juko and her family struggle with their own trials and losses, they all must face the question of whether to attempt settlement of the harsh new planet, or to relaunch the aging and slowly deteriorating Dusty Miller so that another generation might find a more hospitable place. It is, in fact, this same question that caused the Quakers to leave a dying Earth and its oppressive governments in the first place: If an environment is not quite to your liking, do you abandon it in search of another? Make plans to alter it? Or seek ways to accommodate to it?

“A breathtaking, compassionate novel.” —Universe

The Dazzle of Day was a New York Times Notable Book and received the PEN Center West Fiction Prize.


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